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Thanks for looking at Chip Porter Alaska. I realize you may have questions. This is a great way to contact me with your concerns.

We now offer metal prints:

Metal is an amazing way to showcase photographs. A metal print is so luminous people sometimes think they are backlit. Metal prints come with hangers, are scratch- resistant and are waterproof. They are easily cleaned with household glass cleaner. They are incredibly lightweight so they can be hung anywhere in any material. Metal prints don't need expensive frames or glass saving you money. They are fade resistant for over 100 years provided they are kept out of direct sunlight. Metal prints come in sizes up to 40x60 inches but please contact me first before ordering any prints larger than 20x30 inches.

Traditional Paper Prints:

I print each image personally and I won't ship a print until it is as near perfect as I can make it. I use professional archival Epson inks and papers. A print may differ slightly from what you see on your computer screen but in every case customers report brighter colors and crisper images than they see on their screens.